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Through a reflective and progressive curriculum we aim to excite, promote enquiry and embed knowledge. In RE we want our learners to be excited by their learning journey.  We want them to question and have awe and wonder; whilst being aware that we may not always have the answers in RE. Our learners will build on their existing knowledge, making links and developing their understanding and knowledge.

We endeavour to motivate our learners and equip them with the skills to be confident, Independent and resilient.

Children of different faiths should feel involved, happy and confident to contribute to all areas of RE and our teachers ensure that when teaching RE, the content and delivery is appropriate and relevant for all learners. Children are encouraged to share and celebrate their faith and beliefs and the environment for this is safe and welcoming.

Our Christian values underpin our efforts and achievements, and we are inspired in our Vision by our faith that, “Guided by God’s Light, we aim to experience, enjoy and excel”


At NLAS, we follow the Blackburn Diocese Questful R.E. scheme of work.  The curriculum content is a balance of the three essential disciplines of quality RE: Theology, Philosophy and Social Science. This means our pupils will look at concepts through a theological lens, exploring what people of faith believe. Alongside this they will explore questions and answers raised in relation to the lived reality and impact of religion and world views on people’s lives. They will also think like philosophers and be equipped with the skills that will enable them to make sense of life’s experiences.

Through this approach, our children will experience, explore and encounter a wide range of creative and challenging multi-sensory activities that will help them to discover the answers to fundamental questions such as these: –

  • Who am I and what does it mean to be me?
  • In what ways do/can I relate to others?
  • How/where can I encounter God?
  • How can I make a positive contribution to the world in which I live?
  • What values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are important to me?
  • What does it mean to have faith?
  • Who/what influences and inspires me?
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