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SEND at New Longton All Saints’

At NLAS, we strive to provide quality education which is inclusive for all. All children are entitled to an education that enables them to fulfil their potential, rich in confidence and enthusiasm for future learning and employment.

Our SENCO is Mrs R. Griffith, our Pupil Premium lead is Mrs N. Urey and our Learning mentors are Mrs Percival (KS1) and Mrs Turner (KS2). To contact them in relation to any SEN, Pupil Premium or Learning Mentor matters respectively, please call 01772613470 to speak to a member of our office and arrange a suitable phone appointment. Alternatively, please email

Our SEND Governor is Mrs. J Purvis.

What is SEND?

SEND stands for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. According to the Code of Practice 2014: A child or young person has SEN if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her. A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if he or she:

  • has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age, or
  • has a disability which prevents or hinders him or her from making use of facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions The Code of Practice is statutory guidance for organisations which work with and support children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities.

Broad Areas of Need

There are four Broad Areas of Need. Some children may have needs which fall into more than one category. The categories are used to help plan the correct support/provision for each individual child.

  • Physical & or Sensory
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Cognition & Learning
  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health

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